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Try Pre-Pay Now Option!

A new contactless booking and payment option that is almost always cheaper than the time and distance metered fare

What is a Prepaid Trip?

  • A prepaid trip is a calculated fixed rate versus one calculated by the in-vehicle time and distance taximeter.
  • You will know the price upfront and eliminate the anxiety of a metered trip.
  • The fixed rate calculation is the total trip miles based on Google's map addressing, times the published taxi per mile rate plus the $3.50 drop rate and $2.00 dispatch fee

How to Book

  • To book a trip click the Book a Trip button.
  • Enter the full trip details and select the Pre-Pay Now payment option at the bottom of the booking page.
  • When that option is selected you will be presented with a quoted fare amount and the option to add a Tip
  • Once entered the trip summary and the booking terms and conditions will be displayed

How to Pay

  • Once you agree to the terms and conditions the booking will be redirected to the payment function.
  • Follow the payment instructions to complete the trip booking. The driver will be notified that the trip was already prepaid.
  • If you want to cancel the trip it must be done prior to be being dispatched.
  • You will be fully refunded if you cancel the trip timely o if we failed to complete the tripr